Newsletter: June 4, 2020


Food plays such a big role in our lives. It provides nourishment. Eating together is a social activity. Cooking can be an educational and, for some, a fun activity. We also know that food can be a challenge when you have a picky eater or a child who struggles with eating. If you’re looking to help your child have a healthy relationship with food, we can help. Here are a couple of recent successes we’ve seen and would love to celebrate:

  • One little girl’s parents have been working hard to expose her to new foods and she is already touching, smelling, and licking some new options. We are so happy with this progress. Way to go!
  • Another young boy is taking his role of chef very seriously. He used to refuse bread but since he’s been involved in making sandwiches, he is eating them regularly. He’s also eating other new foods including apples, cucumbers, chicken and lettuce. Congratulations!

New at KU

If you aren’t already aware, Kids Uncomplicated (KU) is part of the larger The Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group, which includes Teleroo and Kids Digital Health Portal. What does this mean for you? It means that you benefit directly from the work that our colleagues are doing to support our world-class virtual care platform and develop therapeutic digital resources, games, and content. We use both Teleroo and the content available through to deliver our KU services.

Montreal Families recently wrote a great article that summarizes the work of The Uncomplicated Family very well. It also highlights our new partnership with Autism Canada to make our digital health tools and resources more widely available to families across the country.

Alberta Relaunch

Alberta has seen its number of COVID cases decreasing over the past couple of weeks. This means that all of Alberta, including the Calgary area, has now entered Phase One of its relaunch plan. While physical distancing requirements remain in place, a number of businesses and community-based activities are reopening at their own pace. We know and recognize that each of us will engage in the relaunch at our pace. We also know that re-engaging is likely to involve changes to our usual routines and practices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you need support to navigate the changes affecting your family.

Fun Uncomplicated

This week we’d like to share a “how to” video that provides simple steps to make slime at home. This is a new resource from our Kids Uncomplicated team, and it was created by three of our Family Support Coaches, Trust, Stella, and Vivian. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more “how to” videos. You can look for them as part of the Activities Uncomplicated series coming soon to our YouTube Channel.  If you’re worried about your child putting slime in his or her mouth, then we do recommend visiting our YouTube Channel to find other activities.

We’ve also attached a tip sheet which includes strategies for engaging your child in play created by Family Support Coach, Sam, and Project/Content Specialist, Louise! These can be used while playing with slime or any other toys and activities your child enjoys.

Looking for help implementing the strategies you see in our tip sheets and on our YouTube Channel?  Talk to your team to help make the strategies more specific for your child!