Newsletter: June 18, 2020


We all communicate, and do so in many different ways. Whether verbal or nonverbal through gestures, sign language, picture symbols, or written communication, and in many different languages… each one of us has a voice. This week, we’d love to share some of the amazing new ways that children we support are expressing themselves:

  • A young boy is using new words to make requests using his communication device!
  • For another young girl, her parents are thrilled they can fade their direct cues and prompting to help their child understand the language they use in daily routines. When parents use phrases such as “we are all going outside”, she understands and starts gathering her outdoor clothing!

No matter how we communicate, it’s important that we all learn functional ways to share our messages with others. Below, we’ve shared some general resources and tips for practicing communication strategies at home.

COVID-19 Update

Speaking of communication, we want to keep our lines of communication open around our response to COVID-19 in Alberta. Alberta continues to relax some of its restrictions, while keeping a heavy focus on physical distancing requirements (2 meters apart). Despite this, we continue to see a lot of service providers take exceptional precautions for the safety of their clients and teams.

For our Kids Uncomplicated family, we continue to follow the guidance of our professional colleges, which advise us to prioritize virtual therapy wherever possible. Our team is grateful that we can continue to stay connected with you regularly through Teleroo!

In the event that a home visit is deemed necessary we will take extensive precautions for your safety and wellness. This includes following guidelines from our professional colleges (i.e., Alberta College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists) to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and facial coverings, disinfect surfaces in homes, physical distance whenever possible, and complete pre-screening with all families prior to entering your home.

For more information, please see the attached handout on “COVID19 Safety Measures”.

Creating Opportunities for Communication

This week, we are sharing some communication strategies with you. Our Speech Team has created videos (i.e., “Communication During Play” and “Communication During Snack”) that outline strategies to incorporate communication opportunities into a daily routine (e.g., snack, mealtimes) and play! You can view video examples of these strategies on our YouTube channel!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask your team to help tailor these strategies to best fit your child’s strengths, motivators, and language level or to find additional strategies that meet your child’s needs.