Newsletter: July 6, 2020


Today, we’d like to celebrate some successes related to behaviour.

One family was having challenges transitioning their child from one activity from another. If their son had to leave a preferred activity, he would have a tantrum. Now, this family has been able to transition him successfully from preferred activities and they are now moving on to their next behaviour goal!

Another family has had success with visuals to help their son transition between activities. This boy and his father are making schedules together every morning. He is now transitioning between activities successfully. Way to go!

Behaviour Tips and Tricks!

We’ve heard from some of our families that they are having challenges with increased outdoor time and with new activities opening up. Whether it’s time at the playground, water play in the backyard, going to a favourite store or any other preferred activity, leaving these fun activities can be hard for kids!

We wanted to share some videos with tips to help in these situations. You can click here for a video reviewing transition tips and browse through the channel for a few extra tips. The video was created by one of our Child Development Coaches, Carmella.

As always, if you’re having difficulty with behaviours, your team can consult with you about these strategies and others to best support your child’s specific needs.