Newsletter: July 16, 2020


As we are now a few weeks into summer, we’d love to share some summer successes from our KU families:

  • We are happy to report that a family has been able to take all their children on a family vacation this month! This was one of their family goals when they began services. They were able to enjoy some family time outside of Calgary. We couldn’t be more pleased for them!
  • One little boy has made quite the strides in his independence this summer! He has started to ride his own bike around campgrounds and to and from stores! He’s also now buttoning his own pants and completing more steps of his toileting routine independently.  Hurray!

Upcoming Back-to-School Resources

As we move forward to a potential return to school in the fall, we want to help families to be as prepared as possible. Over the next several weeks, our team will be preparing videos, tip sheets, templates and other resources to help cope with this change, support families to advocate and more. We will begin sending these resources in August so please stay tuned!

Meet Jessica

Many people in the world need virtual care now more than ever. Another friendly face, Jessica, has joined our team and will be in touch with some of our families to gather information, feedback and stories. Your stories, successes and feedback are extremely valuable to help us continue to improve our services, the Teleroo platform, to help more families, to inform our model and more!