Newsletter: July 30, 2020


It’s time to celebrate some toileting successes that KU families experienced just this month!

  • One young girl was having challenges transitioning to the toilet. Now, with the help of visual supports, she is transitioning to the toilet well. Parents also shared that she is now initiating going to the bathroom!
  • One young boy is now asking for help with wiping and even trying to do this step himself. What a great step towards further independence!
  • Another boy is now potty trained! He is initiating going to the toilet all by himself!
  • With the help of a social story, yet another boy is initiating the use of the toilet and remaining dry most of the time as well!

Congratulations on your toileting successes from everyone at KU! We are so happy for you.


As you’ve likely heard, Calgary City Council has voted in favour of mandatory mask use in indoor public spaces such as malls, grocery stores and public transit beginning on August 1. We’ve heard from some families that they are worried about taking their children out as their child may refuse to wear a mask or will not tolerate wearing one for a long enough period of time. One of our Child Development Coaches, Carmella, has created a video to help with this! The video outlines 5 tips/strategies to support your child to wear a mask.

Back-to-School Resources: Getting Started   

In the last newsletter we announced that back-to-school resources were coming soon to support you and your family. We have more resources to come in August and September but wanted to start by sharing a few resources you can begin using now to prepare for the transition back to school:

Social stories are a great tool to support in big transitions such as back-to-school. The attached social story resources review: what a social story is, how to use a social story and how to create your own, as well as a fillable template for creating a back-to-school social story specific to your child.

Our Family Support Coaches have supported many families to create these so please reach out if you would like further support.

Stay tuned for more to come!