Newsletter: August 13, 2020


As always, we wanted to take some time to celebrate some of our Kids Uncomplicated families!

  • We are so excited as one boy has not only slept in his own bed for a few nights in a row but has also remained dry throughout the night!
  • Another boy has used his “Storm Smarts” and has not gone to the basement during storms for over a month! He’s been so brave, stayed with his family, and used his tools to stay calm.
  • Finally, we have another boy making spontaneous comments AND following directions to transition back into the house- incredible!

The importance of celebrating strengths and successes has always resonated with our CEO and Founder, Robyn Woods. As a parent of a child with Autism, Robyn shares her journey as a mom of a child with special needs, as well as how she came to develop the virtual care solution, Teleroo®. Please read her story in the attached article My Story- Being a Caseworker and a Mom

Back-to-School Resources: Let’s Talk About Advocacy   

More back to School resources are here! First, we’d like to share a video from one of our Family Support Coaches, Sam. In this video she explains what advocacy is and why it’s so important. 

Back-to-School: Preparing and Coping with Change

Another one of our Family Support Coaches, Vivian, has created a back-to-school checklist to help make the transition back to school smoother. We suggest taking a look at the checklist soon as some of the items you can start working on in the coming weeks (e.g. establishing your evening routine and booking appointments).

Saying “there has been change in 2020” is definitely an understatement. Change can be hard for all of us and we have all experienced so much change this year. With back to school approaching, the transition is leading to yet another change for children and their families. One of our Child Development Coaches, Carmella, along with Sam, have shared some strategies and tips to help cope with change:

  • Click here to watch Sam discuss 5 ideas to help you cope with change
  • Click here for a video to share with your kids to help them cope with change. If your child is not yet reading, you can read along with them.

We will be sending another newsletter this month (August 27) which will include more resources and videos to help with your transition back to school.