Newsletter: August 25, 2020


Today we’d like to celebrate a boy who has been successfully voiding in the toilet for the last month! His parents have been using a creative reward chart which has helped with his success. With encouragement, he is having fewer accidents and more successes on the toilet. He’s also motivated to wear “big boy” underwear, just like his friend! Such a huge success!

One young girl is having virtual conversations! She is answering lots of questions about her interests including sports and pets! She is even learning to make some comments during conversation! Way to go!

We’d also like to celebrate a boy who has been working so hard to tolerate baths. He’s been working so hard that he recently laid down in the tub, got his head wet and soaked for a moment. We know you’re very proud of yourself- and we’re proud of you too!

Kids Uncomplicated Service Delivery: COVID-19

The safety of the families we serve and our staff is always top priority for us. We are regularly engaging in conversations and consulting the recommendations from health authorities and professional colleges. The recommendations continue to prioritize virtual therapy wherever possible to do so. The requirements for personal protective equipment such as masks, physical distancing, pre-screening questions for families and increased handwashing and sanitation measures are still in place . We are grateful that we have been able to serve virtually using Teleroo. Following our parent coaching, routine-based model, we’re happy to be able to connect with families quickly, easily, more frequently and during your regular routines. We continue to gather and review anonymized group outcome data, and will continue to reevaluate our virtual care policy every 2 weeks.  We will be sure to update families should there be any changes required.

Please know that your team is always happy to collaborate to determine the best way to support your goals. Your team is always here to help so please do not hesitate to reach out should you need additional support.

Dino Island

We are so excited to introduce Dino Island and the Attention and Executive Function Intervention Pilot Study to our Kids Uncomplicated families. This pilot study is being conducted with some of partners including Kids Brain Health Network and the University of Victoria. The purpose of this study is to determine whether children can benefit from an individualized intervention in the areas of attention and executive function (self-regulation, flexibility, etc.). Many children experience challenges with attention and executive function and this can impact many areas including behaviour, peer relations, communication, and academic performance. Please see the email sent  by our research assistant, Stella Babatunde on August 19 or email for more information about this exciting opportunity!


Back-to-School Resources

Whether opting for online or in-person schooling for your children this fall, visuals can be a huge help! In the context of back-to-school, visuals such as schedules can be beneficial to help children: follow the daily school routine; transition smoothly between activities; and also reduce dependence on parents and caregivers to complete the steps of tasks and routines.  Routines can change quickly, so having the ability to quickly create your own visuals is important. You can try the TelerooTM Visual Supports app to create quick visuals on your device! This video will tell you more about visual schedules using the TelerooTM Visual Supports App.

There are likely many things on your to-do list as you prepare for back-to-school. Involving your children in these tasks can help! Here’s a video with ideas on how to include your child in chores and helper tasks created by our family support coach, Sam. She’s included ideas to support children at different developmental levels.  The video also refers to backward chaining which is a strategy that can build independence in tasks and routines!