Newsletter: September 10, 2020


Today we want to celebrate two children who are learning to use pictures to communicate! One is requesting a favourite activity using his pictures and the other is requesting some favourite treats. We’d also like to celebrate the parents as they reviewed video models, are fading their prompting and practicing in their everyday activities and routines. We are so happy with this success and excited to see these children continue to move forward in their communication skills. Keep up the great work!

Back to school: Getting Focused   

This week we wanted to share a resource that our team has put together with some tips to support attention and focus at home. Vivian, one of our family support coaches put together these tips. Whether trying to keep your child focused through home schooling, an online program; or trying to encourage your child to focus on activities when they get home from school we hope these tips can help in planning what to do before, during and after a task to help with focus. Click here to watch the video!  Not sure which tips to choose for your child? Your KU team would be happy to help.

Back to school: Making Friends

Even as adults, many of us have had to get creative in finding social opportunities in 2020. Some children are asking, can I even make friends during COVID?  Vivian has also put together some tips on making friends during COVID (video created by Mahalia, our Teleroo Care Specialist).  Check it out here!


Does your child need some extra practice with handwashing?  We’d like to share a handwashing visual that you and your child can follow along with for extra practice with hand hygiene (put together by one of our family support coaches, Trust and Louise). Or feel free to use at home as a quick reminder!  You can find the visual here in our resource bank.

Finally, we’d like to wish you all the best with the next couple weeks of back to school from all of us at Kids Uncomplicated (including our friends below: Pog, Billy, Foley, Aves and Poe!)

Learn, laugh, and have fun!