Newsletter: October 8, 2020


This week we are celebrating a little girl and her mother. Recently, this girl has been making steady progress towards many of her goals. She is screaming less, remaining clothed more often and beginning to understand the concept of personal space! We are so impressed. Her mother has been with her every step of the way with her positive attitude and always working hard on strategies.  As one of our team members put it, this mom not only deserves a superhero cape but a “really big fancy” one!

Another young boy just had a super successful birthday party! We couldn’t be happier for this boy and his family. We’d like to congratulate him on the great job he did sharing, cooperating, waiting and playing games that others wanted to play!

More on Mental Health

Last newsletter we shared some ideas on how to talk to children about mental health. This time we want to share a resource with some ideas for mental health activities that you can try as a family! Thanks to our Family Support Coach Sam who put this creative resource together! You can check out the resource here.

New Teleroo® Feature: Whiteboard

We are so excited to share that just this week Teleroo® has launched an interactive whiteboarding feature. The whiteboard can be used at the same time by a KU team member and you or your child. You may see your KU team use the feature to add visuals to support with learning and implementing strategies, draw an example of what a strategy or visual could look like, use for interactive games, use as a motivator for your child, and much much more. In addition, there are now educational games which can be accessed from within connect calls!

We look forward to you seeing this feature in action in your upcoming consultations!

Finally, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to our Kids Uncomplicated Families for allowing us to support your family, collaborate and celebrate successes together. Happy Thanksgiving!