Newsletter: October 22, 2020


Today we are celebrating a little boy who is doing a fantastic job following a schedule. This boy comes home from school and begins to help make his afterschool schedule. He will try to sneak his favourite activity first (as many of us would) 😊 but now knows that he will get this reward after completing a few other steps. He will now complete 2 play activities before moving on to his favourite. Way to go!

We are also excited to share about a little girl and her family kitten. These two have built a nice bond and it is resulting in even more communication successes. She has been learning to use pictures to communicate and recently brought a book with a cat on the cover to her parents. She then pointed to the cat to show that she wanted to find her kitten.  Wow!

Another little boy has experienced many successes in the last couple weeks. These include: a successful trip to a hospital appointment, improvements in conversation skills and advocating for himself. After some coaching from parents, he also asked a friend at school to play for the first time ever! We are so proud of you 😊

Mental Health Activities for Kids

In the last couple of newsletters we’ve shared some resources on mental health (Talking to Your Kids about Mental Health, Mental Health Activities for Families). We wanted to complete this series with one more resource for your family: Mental Health Activities for Kids. Mental Health activities like these can help children balance out their worry and stress. This resource was put together by our family support coach and social worker, Sam, as well as our psychologist, Shannon. We’ve also attached the resources from the last two newsletters for parents who are new to KU.

AU-Some News

We are excited to report that Teleroo will be sponsoring Autism Canada’s Au-Some Conference on November 28th. This virtual conference will feature keynote speakers like Dr. Temple Grandin. The conference also features topics such as parenting on the spectrum. Autism Canada is a partner of Teleroo and we are proud to support this conference. If you’re interested in registering for this conference or would like more details, please click here.

Stay safe and warm!