Newsletter: November 19, 2020


Today we wanted to share a story about a girl and her family and their recent trip to a farmer’s market. As the family followed their path through the market, their daughter looked up and saw her grandmother walking the other way. This girl has recently started pointing! She pointed to her grandmother and made a sound! This was so exciting for Grandma to see her granddaughter noticing her and communicating this to the rest of the family. We were so happy to hear this!

We’d also like to celebrate a boy who is using his iPad to communicate more AND using the toilet for BMs consistently! We are so excited for this boy and his family.

How-to with Teleroo!

There are so many useful features within the Teleroo WorldTM Platform. We know that sometimes a refresher can be helpful so you can take full advantage of these features. Our team is always happy to help you navigate Teleroo and answer your questions. We are also lucky to have an amazing Teleroo team who have put together a series of how-to videos on the Teleroo World Youtube channel. Please click here to review these videos at any time. These videos show you how to comment, upload, use video connect, use the new whiteboard feature and more!

Dressing Tips!

In this cold weather, we are all putting on more layers of clothing. We thought it was the perfect time to share some dressing tip sheets with you. The first tip sheet outlines some general tips for dressing success, some ideas for clothing choices to make dressing easier, and tips for building a dressing routine. The second provides step-by-step guides to dressing in different pieces of clothing (e.g. putting on and taking off shirts, putting on a jacket, etc.).  Thank you to one of our outstanding occupational therapists, Natalka and our fantastic family support coach, Sam for creating these two resources.

Stay warm!!