Newsletter: December 3, 2020


This week we want to celebrate a young girl that has done such a great job being gentle with her mom! This girl would often try to jump on her mom. However, this became more worrisome for her mom who was about to have surgery. In preparation for the surgery, KU provided this family with a social story about being gentle with mom. She has not jumped on her mom even once since mom returned from surgery. So happy for this mom and her little girl!

A young boy has been working very hard on social skills. He has experienced many successes recently including showing empathy when someone’s pet passed away. He’s been learning all about big and small problems and their corresponding big and small reactions. He recently identified the size of the problem and size of a reaction with an issue his sibling was having. Way to go!

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Another holiday break is approaching. The holiday season is often full of love, peace and family but it can also be a time where our regular routines are disrupted. In preparation for the holidays, we’ve attached a tip sheet with some ideas on how to prepare for the busy season. If you have questions about how to best prepare your child for any upcoming changes in routine or are looking for other resources during the holiday, please reach out to your team in the coming weeks.

Also in preparation for the holiday season, we wanted to remind everyone that Kids Uncomplicated is closed from December 24- January 1. Although schools remain closed the first week of January, our teams will be back at work January 4 and ready to serve, provide resources and more.

Upcoming Newsletters

We are currently working on a tip sheet with winter activity ideas for the holiday break. This will be featured in our next newsletter (December 17). We are also excited to feature our wonderful staff in our upcoming 2021 newsletters.  Stay tuned!

Finally, with the first day of Hannukah next week, we wanted to wish those who celebrate a Happy Hannukah! Wishing you and your families a time of peace and happiness.