Newsletter: January 28th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate a little boy and his family who have made some absolutely incredible gains. We first wanted to highlight some of the progress this boy has made. One major success is that he is using the toilet everyday now! Also, less than a year ago, he was pulling and pointing to communicate his wants and needs. He is now using 5-7 word sentences….in both French and English!! Our team also wanted to mention how impressed they are with the level of commitment and engagement from the entire family. They are quick to practice strategies and posts videos regularly for our team. Amazing!!

Meet our Team: Jade

This week we are happy to share a little bit more about one of our fantastic child development coaches (CDC), Jade!

It’s tough for Jade to answer what she enjoys most about her role as a CDC at KU because she loves so many things! However, if she had to choose it would be the connections she makes with each family and getting to see their growth. She also loves the opportunity to interact and play. For fun, Jade loves martial arts! She enjoys many aspects of the practice and loves learning new moves.

Talking about Mental Health

Today is “Bell Let’s Talk Day”, a campaign aimed to reduce stigma, increase awareness and increase access to mental health support. The campaign encourages talking about mental health as an important step. We thought today would be a good day to share some of our mental health resources again. The first is a tip sheet with strategies for talking to children about mental health. The second tip sheet contains mental health activity ideas for families. The Bell Let’s Talk webpage also has a variety of mental health resources you can explore.


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