Newsletter: March 11th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

Today we wanted to celebrate a little boy who has done a fantastic job engaging in virtual sessions with his mom and the KU team. He engaged with books that make noise. He was smiling and showed great shared attention during the sessions. He also imitated 3 words! We are so happy for him!

Meet our Team: Tori

Today we are thrilled to tell you more about one of our fabulous family support coaches (FSC), Tori!

Tori loves focusing on successes and accomplishments. She loves watching families grow as they work with KU. She enjoys looking back with families to see how far they have come and how many successes have been achieved. When Tori’s not working, one of her hobbies is paddle boarding. She is looking forward to the warmer weather to take her paddle board out to the mountains.

Dino Island

You’ve likely heard about Dino Island in a previous newsletter. For those that haven’t, Kids Uncomplicated has partnered with Dr. Sarah Macoun and her team at the University of Victoria. “The Dino Island therapeutic video game can improve attention, working memory, and executive function in children with neurodevelopment disabilities”. You can read more about this exciting partnership here.  There is still spaces available for children aged 4-12 with Autism Spectrum Disorder to participate in Alberta. If you’re interested in learning more or know someone who would like to participate in the intervention program, please contact Stella:

All about VISUALS

You’ve probably heard the topic of visuals come up quite often with your KU team, school team and others. This is because visuals can be a huge support in a variety of goal areas. The truth is, we all use visuals in one way or another to help us get through the day. Some of us use visual calendars on our wall or on our phones, we leave visual reminders on our refrigerators or make ourselves visual lists. We all rely on natural visual cues as well (e.g. we see the laundry hamper is full, it’s time to do laundry). For your child you may be using or considering using a variety of visuals such as first-then, visual schedules, choices boards, visual timers and more. Today we’ve attached one of our favourite handouts that explains “9 Reasons to Use Visuals”.