Newsletter: April 8th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

Happy spring everyone!

We can always rely on beautiful stories of success from our KU families. We have 2 to share with you today!

First, we’d like to celebrate a little boy who has been communicating more and more. Most recently, he started saying “mom/mommy!”. He said “mom mom mom” to get her attention when he wanted a special snack (ice cream 😊). He also pointed out that “mommy is there” when she was in another room. We are so excited for this success!

We also wanted to share a success from another little boy. This boy was not feeling like engaging in too many activities last month. However, when he was introduced to some music at the beginning of the activity (piano), he listened, played the song himself and then stayed and engaged in the entire activity! Excellent!

Meet our Team: Laura

Today we’d love to share a little bit more about our talented Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and Child Development Coach, Laura. Laura has a passion for helping and loves working with children with special needs. Laura has a son who is profoundly deaf and autistic, so she has spent his entire life, learning, teaching and applying strategies. She has known for a long time that this is what she was meant to do! Laura’s second passion is music. She is a talented singer and is part of a competitive female acapella quartet. She also teaches voice.

More about Music

With the exciting music success above and as you learn more about Laura’s talent and passion for music, we thought it would be a great time to share a music resource with you. This tip sheet was prepared by Laura herself and include ways to include music in your communication goals at home! We’ve also included a printable activity so that you and your child can play along while you listen to Laura’s “going to the park” song here. Visit our YouTube channel for more “KU music breaks”!