Newsletter: May 13th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

Firstly, for all those who celebrate, we’d like to wish a joyful Eid to you and your loved ones!

As we look forward to brighter spring weather, we hope these stories from our KU families will brighten your day.

Today we would like to celebrate a little boy who is toilet trained. This family and this little boy have been working hard on toileting for some time. The hard work has paid off with this boy now using the toilet during the day and even requesting “potty” and telling his mom when he is “all done”. The family is now moving on to a new goal- nighttime toileting! Way to go!

We’d also like to celebrate a boy who had his first successful hair cut outside the home. This boy had a certain hairstyle in mind which was a little too tricky to do at home so his mom let him know he’d need a professional hair stylist to help. His mom provided him with choices, information on what to expect at the appointment, what he could say and do, and also prepared the hairstylist about his strengths and needs. This boy left the hair salon after a very successful trip, smiling, and with a very cool new hair style. Incredible!



Meet our Team: Karen


Meet Karen. Karen is a creative and caring speech-language pathologist. She is also our Director of Clinical services and has the role of clinical lead on many teams. Karen’s favourite part of her role here at KU is that every day brings new challenges and successes. She learns so much from families and children, and from the KU team. Karen has a new dog so she is busy training him and taking him for walks. She also enjoys hiking in the mountains and spending time swimming and paddling at her community lake.

Karen – Director of Clinical Services Kids Uncomplicated



May Mental Health


As you might know, May is mental health awareness month. Our mental health is always important, but the self-care activities we normally find helpful, may be less accessible or more difficult to engage in during these times. We wanted to share some resources and links with you today related to mental health during COVID-19. Click here to find a variety of free courses related to mental health. Many of these are recorded to watch later if you are unable to attend during the scheduled time. The Canadian Mental Health Association has also put together a great list of resources related to COVID-19 which can be found here. We have also attached some self-care tip sheets created by KU staff to give you some more ideas of self-care activities that you can do from your own home. If you’re wondering how to get started incorporating and scheduling self-care into your day, your family support coach or other members of your KU team can help.


Self-Care Creative – Learn

Self- Care Creative – Mind, Body