Newsletter: July 8th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations


We are excited to share another toileting success today! A
family has been working hard on low pressure strategies, addressing this
child’s sensitivity to smell, and giving lots of praise. This boy has used the
toilet for a BM now! He even commented that he knew why dad was feeling so
happy (“because I pooped on the potty”). Such great progress.


We’d also like to celebrate a teen who did a great job
during a recent virtual session. Using the virtual whiteboard, he was able to
engage in conversation for 40 minutes writing and talking. They even finished
the session with a dance party. Amazing!!


Our final story for this month comes from another teen and
his mother. For a long time, he had difficulty going on outings. His mother has
been working hard and using strategies to preload him before the outing. We are
so happy to share that he has now been swimming, out for ice cream, for a drive
and to a museum successfully!




Meet our Team: Vivian



Today we’d like to share a little bit more about our
outstanding Family Support Coach, Vivian. Vivian has shared that every family
is amazing to work with and that this is the part of her job that she loves the
most. Vivian feels inspired everyday by the courage and dedication of each
family. One thing Vivian enjoys in her free time is reading mystery novels. 




Summer Activities 


With summer break here again, we thought it would be helpful to have a list of some activities you can try from home! Many activities are opening up in the city again which is providing families with more options for summer activities. However, it is always nice to have some simple, low cost and fun options for your time at home, especially during those rainy days.



Summer Activities Outdoors


Summer Activities Rain







The Kids Uncomplicated Team