Newsletter: August 12, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

It’s been a summer filled with successes! We’d like to share
a few of those with you today.

One young boy is making huge gains in his back-and-forth
communication! He is making more comments about what others say to him or show
him and he is starting to state his likes and dislikes. This family has been
working hard by using many strategies including providing wait time. So much to

Our team was really excited to see a little boy and his
whole family playing and laughing together during a recent call. They were able
to try the strategies in a relaxed and fun way and this boy is making some
amazing progress as a result!


Finally, in a recent TelerooR call, a young girl
showed so many incredible skills and successes! She performed all the actions
to a song she had only seen once, she transitioned between activities easily,
participated in helper tasks (cleaning up) and more! She is also now able to
occupy her time and seeks out preferred activities on her own. Such exciting




Meet our Team: Julian



Today we’d like to share a bit more information about our
wonderful Director of Family Centered Services, Julian. You likely chatted with
the friendly Julian when you were starting services wit KU!  Julian’s
favourite part of working at Kids Uncomplicated is hearing family success stories
and being part of a team that is having a positive impact. He loves sharing
what we do with other families across Alberta and hearing the resiliency story
of each family. Every story inspires him both professionally and personally.
For fun, Julian loves swimming. He looks forward to being in a body of water.




That time of year is coming up again! We wanted to share some of our back-to-school resources with you all to help your kids prepare for the transition back to school. We’ve attached a fillable social story. This template allows you to add your own images to make the story personalized for your child. Social stories can be a great tool to prepare children for big transitions such as entering a new classroom as they can help them prepare for what to expect. We’ve also included an “All About Me” template. These can be helpful resources for your child in a new classroom or with a new teacher or EA as they can help these new staff get to know your child’s strengths and the strategies that will set them up for success!

Making social story (fillable)

Making all about me page (fillable)


The Kids Uncomplicated Team