Newsletter: October 14, 2021

Successes and Celebrations

We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to fall. Today we are celebrating the successes of a few brilliant kids!

A grandmother has been working hard with her granddaughter on communication strategies. Over the thanksgiving weekend, she wrote the word “patience” on the whiteboard. Her granddaughter was then able to share this comment on the whiteboard during a congregation meeting over video conference. This was the first time she had ever participated during these meetings. Amazing!

Another huge success comes from a young boy. He has been doing a great job engaging over Teleroo. He is talking a lot more. He requests at least 1 story (and sometimes more!) during his sessions. Way to go!

A young girl who has been working hard on staying safe with her mom walked halfway to the post office while holding her mom’s hand- incredible!

Finally, another boy has used the toilet successfully many times now- he is almost fully toilet trained. We are so impressed!


Meet our Team: Mahalia 


Today we’d like to introduce you to another friendly face– our Teleroo Care and Brand Specialist, Mahalia. Mahalia has many skills on our team, but you probably know her best through her fabulous support with your Teleroo Account. Mahalia’s favourite part about her role is the ability to serve families near and far who may not have access to services through the power of our virtual care platform,
Teleroo! She loves being able to connect and train KU families and most of all she loves hearing all of the wonderful successes that come from your journeys at KU. In her spare time, you can find Mahalia at a martial arts gym. You can sometimes find her competing in the ring as an amateur Muay Thai fighter!


Indoor Activities and YouTube Channel

Did you know Kids Uncomplicated has a Youtube Channel? Our channel contains a variety of videos including songs for kids, movement breaks, tips and strategies for parents and more. Check it out here.


Now that we are in the midst of fall, it does mean colder weather is on the way. We wanted to share some activity ideas you can try at home with your family. The tip sheets attached describe some building, sensory and sorting activities you can try with items you likely already have in your home. You can even find corresponding videos of these tip sheets on our YouTube Channel. Check out the “Building Activities” video here

Occupying time_building activities

Occupying time_sensory activities

Occupying time_sorting activities


The Kids Uncomplicated Team