15 Days of Hope: Day One

15 Days of Hope: Day One

Meet: "Sally"

“Our experience with Kids Uncomplicated has been amazing. The help has been extraordinary. With COVID, it worked out well that we were already set-up online beforehand. We also live out in the middle of nowhere so while in-person services have been available to most families, they were not always available to use before Kids Uncomplicated. 

I love the Teleroo set-up and how everything is in one place for everyone in her life. With big life changes, we also found that there was a consistency of services provided by Kids Uncomplicated. I like the friendly personalities and experience of the KU team. I don’t have to explain everything about my child. I don’t have to spend energy teaching the team because they know what they are doing. The team takes time to get to know my child and takes into consideration her personality and not just her diagnosis. I see night and day differences in her communication. 

The tools presented have helped us reach so many goals. KU has not only helped my daughter but it’s helped me to know how to manage behaviors with strategies that are specific to my daughter.” 

We look forward to sharing more stories of hope and success with all of you this holiday season! 🎄