15 Days of Hope: Day Ten

15 Days of Hope: Day Ten

Meet: "Aubrey"

“Kids Uncomplicated has been such an amazing experience, not only for my child but for my family and myself. They have become like family. They show, often, that they truly care about my child and have taken the time to get to know her, me and my family and our lifestyle. They have helped us in so many ways and still continue to help us. They go above and beyond to help our family and have gone above and beyond to help us live a life that we didn’t know was possible. They have had gatherings and outings for families, that we wouldn’t have tried to do before them and what made it that much more special was that they helped us during those get togethers whether it was with counselling, sensory items or even just being there to help our child cope with any issues that may have risen during these gatherings so that my child and my family could enjoy our time. 

There are not enough words to describe how truly amazing and life changing our experience with all the team at Kids Uncomplicated have been and our family is truly grateful to have been on this journey with them in our corner. 

The team at Kids Uncomplicated truly have a passion for helping families on their journey. They not only are willing to put in the work but they also consistently show that they care about your family. They take the time to get to know your family and then they cater your therapy towards that. It has been amazing how our time with KU has been beyond helpful but not stressful. 

Teleroo has helped our family so much. Having a system like this has created less stress because of where we live, we haven’t had to travel and haven’t had to have the team travel out here as often either but we can stay connected and up to date on what is going on and what goals are being worked on and how that goal is coming along. 

The support that we have seen from KU and Teleroo have been so helpful. We have seen our Daughter grow and concur obstacles and it has been made manageable with the help of the KU team and Teleroo. She has had so many health challenges that have amped up some behavioral and also some environmental challenges especially due to covid and KU has been there to help with tips and strategies and are always willing to be there on the fly. My tool box as a parent has been exponentially grown due to the team at KU and it has made some of the challenges manageable. I have also taken previous strategies and tweaked them to somewhat help with a new challenging behavior and then been able to make it better with the help and ideas of the KU Team.  They have really opened up my mind and understanding of my daughter’s diagnosis and with that they have made me a better parent who has a wider view on life and Autism. 

Aubrey has come such a long way especially in her communication. For the longest time we didn’t know if she would talk or how she would. We had a system of physical communication (her directing us to what she wanted or needed) and it had worked for our family, within our home, for years but we knew that as she got older this would not be the case. KU helped us get to where we are today and she is communicating more than she ever has and there is always more words coming everyday. The other thing that has vastly improved for Aubrey, has been her meltdowns. Before KU the meltdowns used to be so bad to the point that we didn’t go out or even go for groceries because we did know what would happen and how long it would last for. There were points where I had to leave a full cart at the grocery store and try to carry out a child who is melting down and becoming hard to manage and then also trying to carry out an infant in a car sear all by myself and it became overwhelming so we started to avoid it, now all thank to KU, meltdowns are few and far between and myself and my son have tools to help Aubrey through the meltdowns. We have also started working on getting her back into a grocery store or shopping in general, and it has started to bring a lot of promise for our family. The rainbow at the end of the storm doesn’t seem as far away any more because of the help and support of KU. 

Our family is forever grateful for all at KU and always look forward to “working” with them.”  – Cheryl Schreiber