15 Days of Hope: Day Thirteen

15 Days of Hope: Day Thirteen

Meet: “Zain”

“I have worked with KU staff for 2.5 years. The specialists are great in providing all the support I needed for my son. They are committed to achieving set strategies and milestones and happy to respond to emails or text messages about any new changes/habits that may occur while applying any strategy. They have great case workers and quickly follow up on events. I consider them part of my family as they know everything about my child.

The easy access and flexibility with set goals and targets. I love the fact that they work as a team in assisting the parent navigate new tools and activities. For example, while working with my son on developing social skills, the speech therapist and behavior specialist will meet with me to discuss how the strategies align and help me develop successful tools and activities to practice at home.

To a large extent, Teleroo was very helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. We still have the opportunity to meet with the team bi-weekly and practice some goals.

My child switched from not talking at almost 5 years to being a busy bee at 6.5years. He became more expressive and could hold conversation and dialogue.”