15 Days of Hope: Day Fifteen

15 Days of Hope: Day Fifteen

Meet: "Cayden"

“Our experience with Kids Uncomplicated has been truly amazing, especially with the team helping and looking after our needs. We started with Kids Uncomplicated with nothing. No idea what and how to help our son. My son cannot call me Mommy and cannot call his dad Daddy. With the strategies and guidance provided by the team, in less than a year, he said, this is Mommy pointing at me. My tears fell at that very moment and I cannot explain how much I have been longing for that word from him. We were forcing him to say words before because we don’t know the right strategy, little did we know we were just adding to his frustration for not being understood.

The team helped us understand him by knowing how he communicates. We didn’t know that bringing us to what he wants is one way he is communicating. His hugs and kisses are his other ways he communicate. Kids Uncomplicated helped us to be more open about my son. We were both in denial not until we realize we needed help. We reached out to our family. We were able to share with them his struggles and excited to tell his successes.

What we love and enjoyed most about working with the team is they are open minded, understanding, and knowledgeable. Not all kids are the same. The strategies they provide varies from one kid to another. They provide or suggest strategy depending on what my son needs, characteristics or behavior. Teleroo made it easier to connect with the team. Our current situation was never a toll for the team to provide their services. We used Teleroo to update and provide comments and suggestion. I get an answer to my query right away.

My son gained a lot of wins since we worked with the Team. . We were able to enjoy more our long drives and our outings. He is more a happy boy and enjoys more of our outdoor activities. No more guessing games of what he wants and needs. We are not yet on what we want him to be but its’ all coming – Thanks to our amazing team who is always ready to help.”