Kids Uncomplicated is a dynamic Alberta-based organization committed to excellence in providing clinical and family support to children with developmental disabilities and their families.  We believe in taking a functional, individualized approach to service provision that recognizes the unique needs, strengths, and interests of each child and family.  Every family faces different demands such sibling needs, work, or travel.  Our team takes this into account and partners with you to discover real strategies that work best for your family. 

We strongly believe in working alongside families and their natural supports.  We do this by using Teleroo®, which allows us to connect and collaborate with your extended network.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical, educational and family support to children and families with special needs and those who are at risk. We are committed to leading the charge to create profound, positive social impact for our children, families and the community at large.


Jacqueline Nyhout

Executive Director and Speech-Language Pathologist

Karen Ingram-Johnson

Director of Clinical Services and Speech-Language Pathologist

Julian Hernandez

Director of Family Centred Services

Shannon Mitchell-Flek

Registered Psychologist

Jade Cloghesy

Child Development Coach

Laura Holmes

Child Development Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

Carmella Wallace

Child Development Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

Marli Sather

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

Natalka Lytwyn

Occupational Therapist

Erica Larkin

Occupational Therapist

Stella Babatunde

Family Support Coach and Research Assistant

Vivian Marple

Family Support Coach

Trust Odudu

Family Support Coach

Victoria King

Family Support Coach

Elise Chasse

Administrative Support