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15 Days of Hope: Day Fifteen

Meet: “Cayden” “Our experience with Kids Uncomplicated has been truly amazing, especially with the team helping and looking after our needs. We started with Kids Uncomplicated with nothing. No idea what and how to help our son. My son cannot call me Mommy and cannot call his dad Daddy. With the strategies and guidance provided […]

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15 Days of Hope: Day Fourteen

Meet: Benny “Our Benny is now 8 years-old and some of the challenges we work with include developmental coordination disorder, apraxia of speech, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Since Benny was 2 we have received support from the local health unit, the preschool and elementary school staff, the Children’s hospital, the pediatrician, and two government-funded […]

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15 Days of Hope: Day Twelve

Meal Time! Mealtimes are a busy and challenging time for most parents. These can become especially stressful with picky eaters. Parents can’t be sure if their child will eat what’s in front of them or even eat at all. A lot of parents we support at Kids Uncomplicated have to make separate meals to serve […]

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15 Days of Hope: Day Eleven

Meet: “Simon” Before her son Simon was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old, Katharina Olfert spent her days torn between putting out house fires to struggling to find snapshot moments with her equally-young daughters. Dealt with a myriad of health issues at a terribly young age – from open-heart surgery for a heart defect to hernia […]

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