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Newsletter: October 22, 2020

Celebrations! Today we are celebrating a little boy who is doing a fantastic job following a schedule. This boy comes home from school and begins to help make his afterschool schedule. He will try to sneak his favourite activity first (as many of us would) 😊 but now knows that he will get this reward […]

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Newsletter: October 8, 2020

Celebrations! This week we are celebrating a little girl and her mother. Recently, this girl has been making steady progress towards many of her goals. She is screaming less, remaining clothed more often and beginning to understand the concept of personal space! We are so impressed. Her mother has been with her every step of […]

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Newsletter: September 24, 2020

A Back to School Success! We would like to celebrate the success of a little boy who was having trouble getting on the bus last school year. Parents and this little guy have been working hard to help him stay regulated before getting on the bus. Now he willingly gets on the bus and sits […]

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Newsletter: September 10, 2020

Celebrations! Today we want to celebrate two children who are learning to use pictures to communicate! One is requesting a favourite activity using his pictures and the other is requesting some favourite treats. We’d also like to celebrate the parents as they reviewed video models, are fading their prompting and practicing in their everyday activities […]

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