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Newsletter: April 8th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations Happy spring everyone! We can always rely on beautiful stories of success from our KU families. We have 2 to share with you today! First, we’d like to celebrate a little boy who has been communicating more and more. Most recently, he started saying “mom/mommy!”. He said “mom mom mom” to get […]

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Newsletter: March 11th, 2021

Successes and Celebrations Today we wanted to celebrate a little boy who has done a fantastic job engaging in virtual sessions with his mom and the KU team. He engaged with books that make noise. He was smiling and showed great shared attention during the sessions. He also imitated 3 words! We are so happy […]

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Canadian Innovators Tap Into Therapeutic Video Games to Help Treat Children With Neurodevelopment Disabilities

Dino Island improves attention and executive function in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities Dino Island Intervention Program Video Trailer: Calgary, A.B. & Surrey, B.C. – An innovative team of Canadian partners have come together bridging academic university, private industry, and community health leadership for child brain health, bringing a novel therapeutic video game to children […]

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