Programs & Services

Our Program Model

Kids Uncomplicated uses an evidenced-informed family coaching model. Our programming follows routine-based intervention, family centered intervention, and programs are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child and family. We also prioritize the development of caregiver education and capacity by building resilience, supporting, and advocating.

The primary means of service delivery via our virtual care platform, Teleroo World. The software has many features and benefits to your child's services including instant collaboration via the video conferencing tools, video and document sharing, and annotations. Teleroo World meets privacy and security standards for the protection of health information.
Direct to client KU services are provided to Alberta residents at this time only. This is due to the provincial licensing requirements for our team members.

Specialized Services

Our specialized services team consists of speech-language pathologists, speech-language assistants, occupational therapists, child development coaches, registered psychologists, physiotherapist, and family support coaches. Our multidisciplinary team partners with you to identify routine-based strategies for your family.


Behavior Developmental Supports

This BDS program allows you to consult with 1-2 Kids Uncomplicated clinicians to support you in achieving your families goals over a 6-month period. Following a parent-coaching model this program allows you to have 1:1 consultation with your clinical therapists. You have access to our online platform Teleroo for virtual consults, accessing resources and strategies, and connecting with all professionals/important people involved in your child’s life.


KU consulting

Our consultative service takes a virtual and flexible approach to assessment and intervention. We work with you to identify individualized strategies to meet unique needs of your child and family. These services cover a variety of developmental needs and most can be billed to your insurance provider.