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We believe that every child in our community matters.

Navigating systems to find the right supports can be stressful. We take that to heart. First and foremost, our commitment is to listen and learn about families. We then individualize supports and use our technology tools to ease the high demands of your people's everyday life. We believe strongly in connecting families to the natural support systems in their communities.

Our teams are committed to supporting families and enhancing their confidence, facilitating access to information, and ultimately empowering families to achieve their vision for their children. We celebrate the unique strengths of each child, family, and community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide supports for children who receive PUF?

Yes! Your Kids Uncomplicated team would be happy to coordinate with your child’s PUF team to share information, resources and strategies. We believe it is important for all of your circle of care members to collaborate together. Your PUF team is able to join your Teleroo™ platform to join meetings, post and comment on videos, and be able to contact your KU team members directly.

Where can I receive funding for specialized services?

Specialized service funding can be accessed through Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). If you already have FSCD supports, please discuss with your support worker about accessing specialized services. If you currently do not have access, you can follow this link for further steps in acquiring these supports : FSCD application requirements  

How long is the specialized services program?

Specialized services programs typically are funded for 1 year through Kids Uncomplicated. Your Kids Uncomplicated team makes sure to have quarterly meetings to discuss your child’s progress and programming. At the 9-month mark of your 1 -year contract, your FSCD support worker, KU team and yourself will have an open discussion on next steps of your child’s program to determine whether more services maybe required or if your family is ready to graduate from our specialized service program.