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What is KU Consulting?

KU Consulting is our virtual, routine-based assessment and intervention program for your child and family. Services, consultation, and strategies follow an evidence informed, family coaching model. These strategies are individualized to the needs of your child and family and your specific question or area of concern. Strategies focus on building your child’s skills and participation within your child’s daily routines, activities, as well as support with school and academics.

Our teams consist of experts in the areas of:
- Communication and Social Skills
- Behaviour
- Cognitive development/Skills (e.g. memory and executive functioning)
- Self-help and Adaptive Functioning
- Fine and gross motor skills
- Mental Health and Wellness

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What to expect

After booking a consultation, you’ll be provided with links to our intake to provide more information about your child, family and your primary question or reason for booking this consultation. You will also be provided with a link to fill out our consent forms which are required by our professional colleges in order to complete the consultation. Part of our model is to provide video reviews. You will also be asked to submit short (1-2 minutes) videos so we can best support you and your child. Both the videos and intake information you provide help us to be prepared and maximize the time spent addressing your question or concern. Based on your presenting questions and concerns, we will book you with a team member who can provide the right support.

You will then receive a 30 minute virtual consultation with one of our clinicians. This consultation may include: a review of your video with feedback, strategies specific to your child/family based on the videos you send and information you provide. In addition, you may receive resources to directly support your question/concern such as visuals, social stories, video models and other tools, and more.

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Stay tuned!

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