FSCD Funded Services

Specialized Services

We offer Specialized Services funded through programs such as Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).  Our team specializes in building communication skills, social skills, self-help, motor development skills, and understanding challenging behaviours. We believe in collaboration and breaking down silos, so our multidisciplinary connects with you and your natural supports to develop a holistic approach. Our team consists of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, child development coaches, physiotherapists, registered psychologists, and family support coaches.

We also strongly believe in utilizing technology in our programs. We provide consultations via Teleroo® and often ask families to take videos of strategies they are practicing. This gives us more opportunities for coaching and to learn more about your daily routines. Teleroo® is incorporated into every program while adhering to legislative requirements and the Colleges' standards of practice for privacy and security.

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1. Our team works with you to identify your family priorities

What to expect

Our family-centred approach means we believe in everyone’s potential and we want to elevate your voice in our services.  We also believe in working to your family’s strengths and following your lead especially when defining your family priorities.  Here are some examples of common areas of focus for families:

    • language comprehension, expression, and interaction with others
    • identifying proactive strategies to decrease challenging behaviours
    • developing tools to support children to regulate throughout the day
    • learning about how to build independence in self-care routines
    • establishing community connections (e.g., finding respite, working with school teams)

2. We develop a plan together

Once we have taken the time to get to know each other,  our team develops an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) with you.  This is a fluid document that is driven by parent priorities.  The purpose of the IFSP is to guide our journey together by highlighting family strengths, areas of growth, progress, and practical strategies for your everyday routines.   Throughout programming our team provides coaching to caregivers to support you in meeting those goals.

3. We review progress and adapt plans as needed

We have meetings to check in with families and to make changes to the IFSP at every quarter of the year.  During the time, we update goals and revise strategies as needed.   Our meetings are aimed to create an open and honest space for families and to make sure we are all on the same path.

4. We celebrate with you!

Our team strongly believes in celebrating big and small successes along the way.  We love when families share successes with us so we can all celebrate together throughout your journey with KU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide supports for children who receive PUF?

Yes! Your Kids Uncomplicated team would be happy to coordinate with your child’s PUF team to share information, resources and strategies. We believe it is important for all of your circle of care members to collaborate together. Your PUF team is able to join your Teleroo™ platform to join meetings, post and comment on videos, and be able to contact your KU team members directly.

Where can I receive funding for specialized services?

Specialized service funding can be accessed through Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). If you already have FSCD supports, please discuss with your support worker about accessing specialized services. If you currently do not have access, you can follow this link for further steps in acquiring these supports : FSCD application requirements  

How long is the specialized services program?

Specialized Services is a 48 week program funded for (1 year i.e. 12 month) through FSCD.

Parents'/Guardians' hire Kids Uncomplicated to administer the Specialized Services program and provide/procure the services they need toward getting the outcomes they desire. 

Every quarter, your team , family and FSCD worker meet to discuss your child’s progress and programming. At the 9-month mark of your contract, your FSCD worker, KU team and family will have an open discussion on next steps of your child’s program to determine whether more services may be required or if your family is ready to graduate from our Specialized Service program.